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Tampa Bay Addiction

In Patient Treatment

Drug Abuse Is A Planetwide Epidemic

If You Or Someone You Know Is Caught In The Grip of Addiction,

You Are No Doubt Living In Your Own Personal Nightmare.

For 60 Years, We Have Been Helping

People Overcome Addiction For Good!

“You Gave Me My Life Back” – Aaron F. (US Marine)


“I chose alcohol over self and family. After I spent 8 years in the Corps I got divorced and “numbed” my pain. I didn’t have a life anymore, was ashamed of myself and had lost my pride and honor.

You gave me my life back and more. You helped me get my self-confidence, pride, and honor back.”

Be Drug Free For Good!

Learn About Our Uniquely Effective Program

OUR BELIEF – We do not believe an addict is an addict for life. We do not believe addiction is an incurable disease. We believe in getting better. We believe a person trapped in the dwindling spiral of substance abuse can take their life back and live drug free.

Freedom From Addiction

Escape the Rehab Trap

Our program uses proven rehabilitation technology that gets to the problem at its source—and provides a path for long-term success.

For nearly 60 years, we have saved those who were thought lost to substance abuse forever. Week by week. Year by year.

Our success is measured in our ever-growing number of graduates who now lead new lives free from drugs. Many who come to us have been through other drug rehab programs before with no lasting success. Our program is unique.

We use a series of techniques found nowhere else to help addicts overcome drug and alcohol dependencies and their damaging effects. This is done naturally—there are no substitute drugs in our program.

 We look to address the causes of addiction—to get at what drove a person to drugs in the first place. The goal is a drug-free life.

Dr. Richard Wallace

Dr. Richard Wallace

Medical Director

Dr. Wallace, has assisted thousands of patients in the area of detoxification and substance abuse. He is a family practitioner and has worked in Urgent Care Medicine since 2003.

He assists newly admitted students to handle various medical conditions they may be experiencing after living a lifestyle of drug abuse and alcoholism. 

His high level of compassion for people, strong desire to help, and understanding of addiction and medical detoxification make him an excellent Medical Director for our facility.


Travis Anspach

Travis Anspach

Executive Director

Mr. Anspach has worked for our organization for fourteen years. His expertise, knowledge and passion allow him to properly oversee the day-to-day functions of the center, ensuring each one of our clients receives the best drug rehabilitation program possible.

Travis, himself, struggled with drug and alcohol addiction and was helped by our program.

Travis has an undying dedication to the success of the program and its participants and is driven purely by his purpose in life—to help addicts handle their addiction to drugs or alcohol and save their lives.


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